Ph.D. in Computer Science

Ph.D. in Computer Science in 6 Semester Program (18 )

Ph.D. in Computer Science is Six (06) semesters program as approved by graduate studies office.


  • MS/M.Phil or equivalent degree (18 years education) in Computer Science from any HEC recognized University/Institute with minimum 3CGPA.
  • GRE/GAT (subject) Test cleared


  • A candidate studying in MS/M.Phil degree in computer science, subject to qualifying MS/M.Phil 24 credit hours course work with minimum CGPA 3 is also eligible for transfer of his/her MS/MPhil to Ph.D program, provided (a) Candidate have successfully defended  the first MS/MPhil seminar (b) GRE/GAT (Subject) Test has been cleared. The registration of the candidate enrolled for MS/M.Phil shall be transferred for Ph.D degree on the recommendation of the supervisor and the scrutiny committee with the condition that he/she will have to submit fresh synopsis specifying additional research to be carried out. Synopsis should not be more than one thousand (1000) words.

Objective of the Program

  • To produce well-trained teaching faculty and researchers in the areas related to Computer Science.

Structure of the Program

The Ph.D degree can be earned in six semesters through:

  • 18 credit hours PhD course work during first year (in two semesters).
  • Thesis on the topic duly approved by the Advanced Studies and Research Board.
  1. On completion of thesis work, an ‘Open Seminar’ is delivered before submitting the thesis. The thesis should be a piece of work embodying either a discovery of new facts or fresh interpretation of facts or theories, in either case the work show the candidate’s capability for synthesis of data, its critical examination and judgment.
  2. Finally a candidate has to appear in an oral examination to defend his thesis.
First Year
1st Semester
COMP-801 or 802 Research Methodology OR Advanced Statistical Research Methods 3
COMP Specialization Core-1 3
COMP Specialization Core-2 3
2nd Semester
COMP Elective-I 3
COMP Elective-II 3
COMP Elective-III 3
Total Credit Hours: 18


List Of Specialization Courses
COMP -803 Advanced Database Management Systems  3
COMP -804 Advanced Software Engineering 3
COMP -805 Pervasive Computing 3
COMP -806 Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks 3
COMP -807 Advanced Wireless Networks 3
COMP -808 Advanced Analysis of Algorithms 3
COMP -809 Advanced Networking 3
COMP -810 Advanced Artificial Intelligence 3
COMP -811 Advanced Digital Signal Processing 3
COMP -812 Formal Methods 3
COMP -813 Advanced Human Computer Interaction 3
COMP -814 Advanced Information Systems 3
COMP -815 Information Security 3
COMP -816 Agile Software Development 3
COMP -817 Bioinformatics 3
COMP -818 Evolutionary Computing 3
COMP -819 Advanced Operating System 3


List Of Elective Courses
COMP -851 Distributed Databases 3
COMP -852 Advanced Topics in Databases 3
COMP -853 Network Performance Evaluation 3
COMP -854 Advanced Data Mining 3
COMP -855 Advanced Data Warehousing 3
COMP -856 Software Project Management 3
COMP -857 Software Architectures 3
COMP -858 Advanced Parallel and Distributed Computing 3
COMP -859 Advanced Topics in Computer Networks 3
COMP -860 Wireless Sensor Networks 3
COMP -861 Theory of Programming Languages 3
COMP -862 Data and Network Security 3
COMP -863 Software Requirement Engineering 3
COMP -864 Information System Audit and Evaluation 3
COMP -865 Business Process Automation 3
COMP -866 Design Patterns 3
COMP -867 Software Testing 3
COMP -868 Web Systems and Technologies 3
COMP -869 Bio-Statistics 3
COMP -870 Special Topics in Bioinformatics 3
COMP -871 Computer Vision 3
COMP -872 Multimedia Databases 3
COMP -873 Grid and Cluster Computing 3
COMP -874 Special Topics in Pervasive Computing 3
COMP -875 Special Topics in Evolutionary Computing 3
COMP -876 Speech Recognition and Synthesis 3
COMP -877 Software Reliability 3